Youtube titelbild erstellen online dating

Gary Vaynerchuk’s About description is a fantastic example.

Next you want to add your author photo as your Channel’s picture.

Your banner may be the first thing users see when they visit your site, so it needs to be good.

Use only high-quality images that will scale well, and make sure that the image is sized correctly so it won’t have valuable information cropped off.

While hypothetical examples work great to illustrate a book’s point, they shouldn’t be the focal point of a video on their own. Let’s say you’ve written a book about tips for men who are doing online dating.

This may be the first place new readers come into contact with you, so you want to make it easy for them to get to know you immediately.

The example below from Adam Grant is another fantastic one to learn from, with an image of his book next to a strong testimonial. Just type in “Youtube Banner” and select the one that feels like they have the best style in conjunction to what you’re looking for.

If you use this tactic though, make sure you have a good idea of what you’re looking for – it will ensure you actually get what you want.

We can do a lot of the promotions ourselves—and for free— without needing to rely on major publishing houses and thousands of marketing dollars. It can provide a natural path to get users to buy your book when all you have to say is “see more case studies” or “read the full chapter” in the full-length book.

If you want to sell more books, which I’m sure you do, You Tube is one of the best sites you can leverage. This is how to plan your videos around your book in 4 easy steps: Performing a full content audit is always a good idea before launching any type of marketing campaign.

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