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I haven’t had an idol for quite a while, or haven’t seen any actors that is worthy of my praise.

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It’s the talent and skills of a person that really stays.

they both connected to Moon Chae Won because they working to each other, nice in this generation joowon seyeon and chaewon are the new great actor and actresses I want they reunite in a great drama. He is simple, humble, consistent and well-mannered.

you really a god actor thats make me sad and happy all the time so i want to say thank you for thats and i want to be a doctor just like you play in the good doctor i know its acting but i want to be like that one day in a a doctor and have the heart that you have,thankkkkk youuuu so much First time seeing him on Level 7 CS I couldn't stand his character! I adore the way he upholds his beliefs and portrays the genuine side of him. I think he is good looking, but whenever I see a drama he is in, I forget about his look and only pay attention to how he acts.

Whoever @Caiteline is makes me so happy thanks to your comment. I wouldn't say that his acting is phenomenal, but I love how he continues to challenge himself, takes acting seriously, and steadily improves through each drama.

No matter what kind of role he has, viewers can see how much he has poured into acting.

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