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However, close acquaintances may find it uncomfortable to participate in a six-month wedding anniversary because it is a nontraditional milestone, and divorce is so prevalent.

A nice, romantic dinner for two, fresh flowers, a thoughtful greeting card or a small present is sufficient.

Then, with a little gentle music playing in the background, upload it to You Tube and send them the link. [Read: 20 most romantic songs for the one you love] #2 Blossoming relationships.

Nothing says “I love you” better than flowers, so how about incorporating the six month theme into a bouquet?

This could be an opportunity for a lot of fun and laughs, or even something a little spicy…

[Read: The perfect romantic massage to turn your lover on] #5 Lying down on the job.

If others are invited to participate or attend, let it be known that no gifts are expected.

Modern commercialism presses people to make much of holidays, such as Valentine's Day and anniversaries.

Because of this, celebrating “first” anniversaries has even begun to include the six-month mark, which can be a fun and exciting time to spend some extra quality time together.

Many cooking classes feature dinner, side dishes and desserts that you can enjoy eating right in class.

The classes are typically in a kitchen atmosphere with small table for two.

By the time your relationship or marriage hits the sixth-month mark, you've probably established a solid partnership, which gives you and your significant other something to celebrate.

To relish this time together, consider special ways to mark the half-year point.

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