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They said the men's deaths could be the work of a serial killer or network of killers who target, then drown their victims."I sent (Gannon) an e-mail the day I saw an article about the 'Smiley' case murders," Roger Ryan said.

"He's interested in it and is going to try and connect" his son's case with the others.

Part of a team called Nationwide Investigations, detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte have investigated cases dating back to the 1990s that span 25 cities in 11 states.

All 40 involve young, athletic college-aged men who vanished while out drinking with friends and whose bodies were found in a lake or river.

And the investigation into his conduct as coach has only scratched the surface, local police told WCCU.

While, Coles County prosecutors said some of the alleged offenses involve sexual conduct and other involved allegations of Wolfe abusing his authority, WXEF reported.

Drinking and enjoying each other's company, the group stopped at several Downtown Peoria bars."Since neither one of us are involved in law enforcement anymore, getting access to the police reports has been difficult. Roger Ryan's more than 25 years on the force taught him anyone can be a victim."Young kids when they go out and drink feel like they're invincible, and they're not," he said. They obviously don't realize that and can be victimized very easily.They need to be aware there are people out there that will do them harm."Despite his tough-cop persona, it's apparent the now more than three-year disappearance of his son has taken a toll on the elder Ryan.He's determined to solve his son's case, even if it means talking to the media, something many cops despise doing."Now it can only help," he said."If anyone has any information, we would love to hear from them." Leslie Fark can be reached at 686-3188 or [email protected]

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