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unless otherwise stated, it is mostly in the public domain.I want to use some images from USAID's Tanzanian Flickr stream but unfortunately they are uploaded as "All Rights Reserved" https:// Can I therefore use an image from this photostream using this template: Template: PD-USGov-USAID that allows me to upload it? Ali Fazal (Images on the USAID Flickr feed that are specifically 'attributed' as a USAID photo (the one you linked is 'Photo by Megan Johnson, USAID Tanzania') are probably fine on Commons, as 'official works' of a USAID employee ('personal' photos taken by a government employee are typically attributed as 'courtesy of...').

convert: missing an image filename `/tmp/transform_7542ce3e507e-1.jpg' @ error/convert.c/Convert Image Command/3011. I should maybe try to optimize and upload them again now that I have Adobe Acrobat Pro (instead of Paperport and Page Manager).

So, my doubt is: is it correct to add Wikipedia article links to "Category pages" here in Commons, or we must add "Wikipedia Category pages" to the "Commons Category pages"?

Second question: why dont we use just "Category pages" here?

One work of Mondriaan I found in the Google Art Project.

Elly (There are some photos uploaded to the English and other Wikipedias; these can be transferred to Commons right now.

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