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In April, 2017, Elemetal Refining announced that it was insolvent (using different words, of course).They said that they would make 5 payments of 20% each to the refining customers, on April 28, June 15, August 15, October 16, and December 15.This post is simply to help get this important piece of news out, that ISIS may be hoping to sell fairly large quantities of gold.And while the public might tolerate to some extent involvement with criminal organizations that are destroying the environment mining gold, there is no way the public will tolerate the support of terrorism.

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They wrote: "On November 16, 2017, Pedro David Perez Miranda, a/k/a Peter Ferrari, a/k/a Peter, 57, of Lima, Gian Piere Perez Gutierrez, a/k/a GP, 33, of Lima, Peter Davis Perez Gutierrez, a/k/a Peter Jr., 33, of Lima, and Jose Estuardo Morales Diaz, a/k/a Pepe Morales, 50, of Lima, were charged in a single-count Indictment for their alleged participation in a gold money laundering scheme (U. Today, a customer reported that they received a letter stating that a further payment was made, which appears to be another one of these "tiny" payments.

They have signed a management agreement with one of the largest bullion wholesalers in the world, Dillon Gage, through 2022 to help improve inventory management as well as fulfillment operations." So although it appears that Dillon Gage did not actually purchase Provident Metals, a group of private investors did, and have contracted with Dillon Gage to manage the company for the next 5 years.

I have just heard that on Friday Provident Metals was sold to Dillon Gage.

Dillon Gage is a well respected bullion wholesaler.

Although I cannot confirm this yet, Provident Metals did say that they were in negotiations to seek a new business partner.

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