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Introduction If you want to implement a SQLite database application for Windows Phone 8.0, my previous article might help.

This article explains "SQLite support in Windows Phone Store 8.1".

Then add the reference to the "SQLite for Windows Phone 8.1" library: When done, you can see that the proper references to SQLite and the Visual C 2013 Runtime have been added to respective project: You may have already noticed that the references show warning symbols.

You need to go to the web page, download and install the VSIX package by yourself: Click on Download and you can open it directly when downloading, authorize installation and click install when ready.

I ran into this problem a while back and searched out to see if someone else had solved it.

I found a solution from Tamir Khason (a fellow WPF disciple), he wrote a thread-safe version ( but I didn’t want to add the locking into the collection itself (I want to manage it at a higher level myself).

Open Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows and then create a new project of type Blank App (for example SQLite Wp8.1).

Open Solution Explorer then right-click on the "References" folder of your current project.

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