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I am new to the online dating but I hope it won't take too long to find what I am looking for I guess we both have our reasons to be on the dating site. I want to be someone he can always count on; someone who will always understand and support him, someone to laugh and cry with... There is so much I want to ask, have no idea where to start... I am proud of my job as I am helping those who are in need. I have a nice family - mom, dad, grandmother, an aunt and two cousins.

I wasn't lucky enough to find my real love here in Ukraine and I decided to give it a try on Internet. things you enjoy doing, places you like, favorite sports, interests, dreams... I am 30 years old and I'm turning 31 on October 12th. I am a happy person in every way except the most important one - I haven't found my true love yet. My parents have been together for over 30 years now and they still act like they just got married I once came home when they didn't expect and had caught my mom wearing a sexy nurse costume for dad. They are still role playing after so many years of marriage!!! when she don't write anymore, then we know its the same stable .... I am smiling all the way while reading your letter I would like to see the pictures of the match models that you made I don't know anyone in my life who would have the same hobby!

It's me, Kristina, from the dating site How are you today? I was wondering why you never wrote me back until your mail was found in the spam box! ) I don't know much about Mexico but I know you have beautiful beaches there.

I am glad we can talk here on email as it is more personal. I just want my partner to be my best friend; I want to share my secrets with him; I want to trust him completely... I look forward to your mail and hope you will write soon. Also I heard it's a pretty dangerous country with lots of crimes and murders there. Ukraine is not the safest country either I hope we will keep in touch and get to know each other better. I love animals since I first saw one when I was a few months old.

Maybe you will give me a few private language lessons if we meet? I want a caring and generous soul, I want a lover who is not afraid to be a passionate lover. the answer of the question comes always as "PS" Hello my dear xxxxxx, It was so nice to hear from you and I was so curious about you. xxxxxx, I am very sorry that you caught your ex before marriage. I asked mom to tell me the secret of their perfect relationship. I don't know why, but I think that I met you for a reason, Daniel.

For a good reward, of course Ok, I will look forward to your reply as I am really excited about meeting you! I noticed this weird tendency – it’s like women are dead because they want to be respected like men, they want their independence, they want their own money, which I understand and agree with, but a man cannot feel like a man if a woman does not make him feel needed, and so the women lose their sexuality for the purpose of becoming like a man. I feel so lonely sometimes and even though I am constantly told that I am beautiful, I don’t feel happy inside. miss having all those fun moments every loving couple has. I just know I have so much to give to the right man and I hope this man is you Will be waiting impatiently for your new letter.. I have to admit that I am very interested in you, xxxxxx. She said it was all about being best friends above all. When I read your letters I feel connection and I truly believe we can have a beautiful relationship.

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Unfortunately she couldn't write to you because of the lack of credit on her translation account. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. xxxxx, but I want to be with a man who will let me feel like a real woman, who smells like one, who responds like one, not so you can walk all over me and take advantage of me and make me feel small, but we can fill our roles as lovers and friends, as a man and a woman, partners in life. I want to be the most loving, warm and feminine woman and make you feel very complete as a man. She said there has to be understanding, compassion and support. We all laughed When I think about my life, I have pretty much everything I need - a job that I love, good friends, a lovely family... hugs and kisses, Kristina PS: the last picture is from the fitness contest last year. I don't know where and when we will meet, but I believe that once we meet we won't let go off each other.People have to be able to listen and hear each other out. But when I ask myself if I am absolutely happy I can't really say that I am. I need someone special to share my joys and sorrows with, do things together, someone to give all my love and tenderness too... I am not into that sport any longer but still work out when I have time PPS: I would definitely choose a dog for a pet even though I love all animals ) ....... I feel so comfortable with you already and it will be even better when we meet in real life.It's so great to know that there is someone in your life who will save and protect you. I want to know that I can count on my man and I want him to feel the same way about me too! I thought about all those lucky people who wake up with their beloved ones... As you already know Lady Kristina is using our service to translate your correspondence.I closed my eyes and imagined how wonderful it would be to wake up with you. She informed us that she has some current financial difficulties and cannot afford using our service and writing to you.

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