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Ever think, "I play a bit, but I'm not quite ready"? A place where your personal best is always good enough.Sudbury Valley New Horizons Music is an organization for adults who love music and want to be involved in playing music with others.If you are a new member, I recommend you try us out for a couple of rehearsals before you sign up. Our next beginner classes start in the fall, should you be interested in starting an instrument or learning a new instrument (band or orchestra instruments only, sorry, not piano nor guitar). But, anyone else who has a musing of some sort that might be interesting to others in our group of opsimaths, is welcome to submit it.Please contact Diane if you are interested in starting a new instrument at a different time of the year. Band members, the MONDAY DAYTIME BAND CLASS: Mondays, - at the Wayland Town Building, in the Tot Room. See the Daytime Band page for more details.* OTHER RECENT EVENTS We have had two or three performance nights each year, since we started having these events in 2014. (Worried that you won't have enough air or your arthritis is too bad??See our Frequently Asked Questions) Come play with us!NPR article on the New Horizons International Music movement!On July 1, 2015, Diane was one of three guests on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network radio call-in program, Maine Calling.

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Each Soirée has had sharing by our beginners & novice players as well as our intermediate and more advanced players, playing a wide variety of musical styles. 2 Many of our members attended this year's week at New England Adult Music Camp. Go to the website and sign up for email informaion. Call or email Diane (The camp notoriously fills up quickly, so don't delay! No clue what those little black marks are on the paper? Great article from the NYT about conducting and what is going on as we wave our arms around.

For the band, there is also a band rehearsal on Monday afternoons place at the Wayland Town Building (see the Daytime Rehearsal page for more info). Wednesday evening rehearsals are at Wayland Middle School, 201 Main Street, in the cafeteria.

Check our calendar link for when we are rehearsing. Come in the front door, turn right and come to the cafeteria.

Find the album: "SVNHM July 2 concert Wayland Town Bldg". ) PICTURES FROM OUR MAY 2, 2015 CONCERT, by Russ Keene PICTURES FROM OUR DEC 6, 2014 CONCERT, by Russ Keene PICTURES FROM OUR MAY 3, 2014 CONCERT, by Russ Keene PICTURES FROM OUR DEC 2013 CONCERT Taken by: Rintze Zelle Taken by: Russ Keene PICTURES FROM OUR MAY 2013 CONCERT OLDER PICTURES: (Click on the Photo Album link on the left menu for other photos) Town Crier articles VIDEO - Band Outdoor Concert, July 11, 2012 behind the Wayland Town Building. TV (It might say "jazz band" but it is the concert band - they are fixing it) VIDEO - Jazz Band Outdoor Concert, June 14, 2012 behind the Wayland Town Building. TV recorded our winter concert and it is posted on Way Cam.

TV ABC clip about New Horizons Orchestra in Mesa, AZ.

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