Legislation mandating additional reductions

Source: Ascensus.com, December 2017 Abstract: The retirement industry "dodged a lot of bullets" in terms of what could have been included in the GOP tax reform bill that would have negatively impacted retirement savings.

A recent white paper discusses the new law and its possible effects, including those on retirement plans.Effective for tax years beginning in 2018, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act extends the rollover deadline from 60 days to the due date of the employee's tax return including extensions.Source: Retirementplanblog.com, January 2018 Abstract: Visa said on Monday it will strengthen contributions to employees' 401k savings plans, as a result of the recently passed GOP tax reform.Participants and beneficiaries could still opt to receive paper copies of this information.Source: Ascensus.com, January 2018 Abstract: a number of bills have been introduced in recent weeks that, in addition to simplifying some of the rules, could encourage employers to set up plans and help increase employees' retirement savings.

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