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Modern religious historians classify this group as an Adventist sect.

Founded in the late 19th century by Charles Taze Russell, often referred to as “Pastor Russell,” the group emerged from the Bible Student Movement and Russell’s publishing company, Zion’s Watchtower.

Members are defined in subgroups as new unbaptized, active baptized, non-active baptized, disassociated, and disfellowshipped.

“New unbaptized” members include many thousands that are regular associates who attend meetings at Kingdom Halls, but do not do any door-to-door preaching on their own.

Their preaching methods were brought under greater regimentation and they basically became door-to-door book and Bible salesmen.

They were even referred to as “publishers” and their groups as “companies.” The religion today claims an active worldwide membership of 6 to 10 million.

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This is but one of many flaws of Watchtower interpretation regarding the Seven Times of Daniel 4. It is frustrating to have family and friends belong to a high control religion, and very difficult to change a person’s belief.

Whilst you will want loved ones to know why Watchtower is not the truth, do not rush into confronting them.

You risk being labelled as apostate, which will destroy any relationship you have, and any chance of educated discussion.

This site concentrates on three areas: Watchtower is coming under increasing scrutiny for how they have dealt with pedophiles by the media and courts.

This includes an Australian Royal Commission finding in 2017 that Watchtower procedures are out of date and damaging to victims, .5 million awarded to Lopez in 2014, and the 2012 case Candice Jane Doe vs Watchtower resulting in a judgement against Watchtower to pay .8 million dollars in damages.

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