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A palace was constructed nearby as early as the 5th century during the pontificate of Pope Symmachus (reigned 498–514).

Popes gradually came to have a secular role as governors of regions near Rome.

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One of the main diplomatic priorities of the bishop of Rome was to prevent the bombing of the city; so sensitive was the pontiff that he protested even the British air dropping of pamphlets over Rome, claiming that the few landing within the city-state violated the Vatican's neutrality.In 1870, the Pope's holdings were left in an uncertain situation when Rome itself was annexed by the Piedmont-led forces which had united the rest of Italy, after a nominal resistance by the papal forces.Between 18 the status of the Pope was referred to as the "Roman Question".On their return to Rome they chose to live at the Vatican.They moved to the Quirinal Palace after work on it was completed under Pope Paul V (1605–1621), but on the capture of Rome in 1870 retired to the Vatican, and what had been their residence became that of the King of Italy.

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