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Anyway, I've always preferred functional breeds that can fly. He is colored like a rock island but with feathers all the way down to his toes. More importantly it is the way you sharing all the knowledge with out hesitate.

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He has made friends with my 5 dogs and even my 1 cat. Loves to sit on my head or sholder and will follow me from room to room.

I find the genetics behind the color mutations interesting and I'll commend you once more for sharing this information.9/15/2016Very useful information.! I don't breed, I just try to help hurt pigeons found in the city. Plan to have my first racing pigeons by January 2017. I have kept racing pigeons since I was 7 years old. Reseda, CA.12/10/2015I have had Racing Homer Pigeons for years, but just saw an recently acquired 2 pairs of Portuguese Tumblers. Racers for racing, Tumblers for their active, unique ways and some nice color combinations as well.11/24/2015Superb site. I live in Long Island NY and now with the winter here, i don't let our pigeons out.

At this point I am doing a lot of research and looking to visit some lofts here in Indiana where I might learn a lot more. We now have 3 sets of eggs and are expecting these to hatch in the next few days. 12/5/2014It's nice to see some accurate pigeon genetics information for once:) You don't have to look far to find sites (many by well known racing lofts) which publicise the most erroneous misinformation masquerading as fact while claiming to have 'studied genetics all their lives'.

I have kept performing breeds since 2000 and have been out-of-touch in recent time for about 8 years now.

I went searching for a olde' flying breed, (Catalonian Tumbler) that I'd like to renew & couldn't believe I am one of few who has them anymore!

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