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The Doctor visits Bowie Base One, Earth's first colony on Mars, led by Captain Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan).A waterborne virus from the glacier used for the water supply begins to possess the crew and Brooke plans to destroy the base in order to prevent the virus spreading to earth via an escape rocket.David Tennant took this opportunity to appear in a stage production of Hamlet.For practical reasons, these specials continued to use series 4 production codes.Alone in the TARDIS, the Doctor regenerates, giving off such violent energy that the console room is set ablaze.The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) inspects his new body as the stricken TARDIS plummets earthward.Rassilon attempts to kill the Doctor, but the Master sacrifices himself to save him.Meanwhile, Wilf has trapped himself in the Gate's isolation chamber, which is about to flood with deadly radiation.

They also featured a string of one-time Companions beginning in "The Next Doctor" with David Morrissey as Jackson Lake, a man who thinks himself to be the Doctor Finally, the two-part The End of Time had Bernard Cribbins as recurring character Wilfred Mott as a full-fledged Companion for the first time.The Doctor activates the chamber's other compartment, saving Wilf but irradiating himself.He holds off regeneration while he goes on a "farewell tour", visiting all of his companions.A cult of the Master has resurrected him using the ring dropped at the end of "Last of the Time Lords", but Lucy Saxon sabotages the process, causing the Master to experience intense hunger and energy expenditure, which also gives him powers beyond those of other Time Lords.In his investigations, the Doctor meets up with Wilfred Mott (Bernard Cribbins) and they both travel to the Naismith Institute where they have enlisted to repair an alien "Immortality Gate".

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