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A progression takes you into more complex dishes, with hot foods.Last October, the Korean Times interviewed the Minister for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Chang Tae-pyong.Now officials are calling the entire cusine of Korea Hansik and categorizing kimchi as the “essential side dish”.Kimchi is centered amidst the thousands of savory dishes from Korea.My mission: to compare the Americanized version with more local brands, found at H-Mart.I decided to take it one step further and created some unique recipes using the techniques recently acquired at FCI.Can you share a traditional recipe and one that is more avant-garde?

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Of course you won’t find every Korean or French restaurant serving sashimi with Kimchi gelee or foam.I incorporated these dishes into my Level 5 menu project entitled: Salt and Dicovering Nouvelle Hansik Cuisine.I ended up handing in a bound, full-color hardcover book which will be published and available to purchase soon.The answer to the question according to Randy, a kimchi aficionado and food blogger of is yes!Here is the Q & A: What is the most popular kimchi recipe?

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