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3) See if your sent messages were read or deleted: Sent messages are marked as read, unread, or deleted.This helps users to know whether they should send that follow-up message or not.If you go and tell your friends about us we’ll manage to grow much faster and make this app a way better experience for everyone.The filters (accessed through the right menu bar) adjust who shows up in your Meet section.

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This is not an altogether necessary feature, but it adds something to the list.You can only message people that have Liked you or people that you have Matched with.If you are wanting to start a conversation with someone the best way to do this is to Like their profile or Like something they have done on the Feed.You know that little globe icon on the Facebook website that displays your pending notifications? It’s the first thing any self-respecting narcissist clicks on when they open Facebook.(That's pretty much all of us, by the way.) recently pointed out, Facebook has quietly introduced a new icon for its desktop users in Europe, Africa, and Asia, which shows the globe from the other side.

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