Dating rituals in the middle east

Another way is to meet a guy in college, school, work, or wherever; the guy then notifies you that he is interested and will marry you if all goes well.The girl notifies her family, the couple gets married, and they live happily ever after.Well, there are arranged marriages where the mother, an aunt, or a family friend proposes a “decent girl” to a guy; they set the date to meet in the girl’s house or a café.

And three and half years later I started to write my book and reveal what most Middle Eastern women face in the course of getting married and thereafter.

Since many Middle Eastern people live in a predominately conservative society, the notion of a man and a woman dating and going out on their own is frowned upon, especially for the woman.

Nevertheless, many Middle Eastern women still do have boyfriends.

I remember when I saw that e-mail and wondered why the hell I received an e-mail with the letter h in it from someone in the university.

My wonder ended quickly as I resumed my studies (man, was I a bookworm back in those days).

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