Dating for hiv positive

Serosorting — picking sex partners that have the same HIV status as you — is obsolete in the age of U=U. Most of us got HIV doing the same thing you did last weekend — bar-hopping, feeling good, going home with the stud in a muscle shirt, and fucking all night.Why automatically refuse so many awesome, adorable guys in your world? That stud probably didn’t realize he has HIV, because you can have the virus and be transmittable for some time before a test will read positive, although newer and better tests make that window period increasingly short.In all likelihood, you don’t know who around you is HIV-positive until they say so, or until you see that little “ /u” (or some variation of that) on their Grindr profile (“ /u” translates to “positive and undetectable”), or until you see them categorized as “Poz” on Scruff.Despite this being the reality — the fact that HIV-positive gay men are everywhere, particularly if you’re the slightest bit involved in your queer community everywhere in your life — you might not grasp how many of us there are until you start looking.Other problems are at play that keep this information from being shouted from the rooftops.

If you’re trying to avoid potential infections, who is the safer option? We may not always be game for anything, but the point is that HIV isn’t an impediment.

I’m coming up on my five-year anniversary with HIV. Medicine isn’t perfect and big pharma is real, but all the rallying, organizing, research, and billions of dollars poured into a virus that hit us suddenly and brutally have accomplished something extraordinary: we are on the cusp of an AIDS-free world.

“Last month, the global medical and scientific community at the forefront of HIV research and care came together in Paris for the ninth International AIDS Society Conference, where they announced — unequivocally — that an undetectable HIV viral load means HIV is untransmittable." — Dr.

That day, the Centers for Disease Control made history by officially declaring once and for all that "undetectable = untransmittable" — that there is no risk of sexually transmitting HIV when on treatment and undetectable. He’ll have a rough couple months, but then he’ll be OK. We now have the scientific data to say you may be “infected” but you are not 'infectious'." — Anthony S. D., Director, NIAID, NIH, in a video interview in July, 2017 "This is a landmark development in the response to HIV and too many people are not hearing this message and receiving its full benefit. We’re the guy working out next to you at the gym, the cutie in the apartment above who you sometimes pass on the stairs, the guy you see often at your favorite Thai place. That, and people have been taught by right-wing scaremongering and the public politics of AIDS that HIV is something to fear and alleged breakthroughs should be distrusted.

It's a historic moment for HIV activism, and an opportunity to defeat stigma of those living with the virus once and for all. A person living with HIV with a sustained suppressed viral load poses no risk of transmitting HIV." — Jesse Milan, Jr., President & CEO, AIDS United, March, 2017 We’re fun! There’s an alarming population of people who distrust medicine thanks to social and cultural factors — many gay men among them.

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