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Yesterday we started a series on Swirl Couple Gene-Leigh and Seth Wheeler.Here’s a bio on the couple: My full name is Gene-Leigh (named for my grandparents and Vivian Leigh the actress) Ziegler (nee Wheeler) and I was born, raised, and currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pa. There is no other way into the house; every other window was shut to keep the air conditioning in. It probably slipped between the panes of glass or something,” he said, yawning and removing his coat.In her early days of standing in gaps, she goes from being terrified to amused, to talking to the cows to getting very used to it –waving her hands and hurrying the cows on like she was born in a field.The naturalisation stage You have to walk the cows back the road to the parlour and you ask her nicely to stand on the road, stopping the oncoming cars to let the cows pass. She imagines herself stopping cars in the city and shudders.She has absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, but you’re gorgeous and probably fit and you haven’t talked to anyone all day so you’re enthusiastic.She doesn’t know a Poly from a Friesian, but she’s happy out. The introductory stage By this stage, or maybe it’s too early, she’s met your parents. She feeds the calves for the first time, but it’s not as easy as you make it look.Thank you for allowing us to share our insanity with you. To his credit, Seth kept calm, and did his best to keep me from leaping out our third story window in panic. .” Eerily calm, I said to him, “I’m gonna faint….” and sure enough, I stumbled into the door, right before he grabbed me by the arms and held me up. “I guess our friend didn’t leave last night,” Seth said quietly. “Oh my goodness please tell me you are lying right now . The Back Story on the Bat Seth is a long-suffering man. Yeah, you read that right, I’m a punk—particularly when it comes to anything that slithers, crawls, flies, has more than four legs, or lives in the dark corners of our unfinished hundred-year old basement. “It’s okay, calm down, let me go look,” Seth said stroking my hair. When he returned in 10 minutes, I was hiding behind the door in my nightshirt.

Seth Ziegler (my loving husband) is 31 years old (he calls me a cougar, the louse), and works as an MRI technologist for a hospital in Pittsburgh. “Like you’re about to commit a drive-by in the Alaskan tundra,” I replied drily. I was told that Animal Control would be a few hours, so I vegged out on our front steps and read, and then listened to music on the first floor of the house. I know that the top of that window slides down and there is no screen in the top, so maybe it came in the top and not the bottom,” I explained. They don’t like light, so cut on all the lights except for the one in the room they are in.

My experience with animals was limited to alley cats, and those mean neighborhood dogs you were explicitly told to stay away from. We’d grown out of it, and, as we were going to be married in October, knew that having children was inevitable (Seth’s mother would have preferred to have grandchildren earlier than that, but I digress).

On the other hand, my husband grew up outside of city limits in the country, had friends who rode ATVs in the woods, hunted, fished, and ran through all manner of empty fields on acres of farmland. We found a beautiful brownstone house in Pittsburgh’s Manchester neighborhood, and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. .” I closed my eyes and prayed he meant an implement used to play baseball or cricket.

Your neighbours seemed to be amused at your new lady with her flowery wellies and embarrassed smile as she smoothes her jumper over her jeans, aware of the row of traffic behind her.

She’s now beginning to understand why you fall asleep over your Valentine’s dinner – you never stop.

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