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Rapid Visa is America’s lowest price for family visas and adjustments of status.We can help bring your Cambodian loved one to the US. It’s free to get started and answer the questionnaire.However, when it comes to the sexual empowerment of young women, they have manifested a tradition a big portion of America would not approve of: love huts.

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In America, some host “purity balls” (state-funded dances where daughters pledge their virginity to their fathers until marriage) while the Kreung are teaching their teenagers that sex is a natural, beautiful part of love and romance.The Kreung people instill a strong message that sex before marriage is acceptable, encouraged, when young girls are trying to find the right man to marry. They invite the boys they want into their love hut to get down or sometimes, just talk without any sex.The boys are not aggressive (they have been taught that their respectful behavior towards the girls will affect their families livestock and they take this very seriously) and let the girls call the shots. Sure, unwanted pregnancy happens, but usually the suitor the girl choses will raise the child as his own.The nerve racking interview finally came a year later but after Rapidvisa's help with preparation for the interview and some of my own research we were able to pass!!The look on my fiance's face when the officer gave us the green light was priceless!!

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