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So, some interpretation may be necessary, since to which category a system is put will need to be documented in your system risk assessments or validation plans.• As you can see, in the old version of the guide, there were five categories of software which have been reduced to four in the latest version. The GAMP guide has been published since 1995 and was originally a means of advising suppliers of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment what was needed in terms of their compliance.Over time, it has expanded from this role to become a major guidance for computerized system validation.

As an aside, many of the Appendices in the guide have been revised and expanded to give more information and guidance.

I believe this is to emphasize the commercial nature of these two classes, which constitute the bulk of the software used in laboratories today.

• These categories are intended as a continuum rather than as discrete silos.

To develop and optimise a measurement strategy that will deliver the best possible quality of data, and that could be realistically replicated in a production environment.

Conclusions: Surface and edge point features have shown that it is possible to obtain a 99% repeatability of 20µm or better.

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